As a fast growing business in the 21st century, we feel it's our responsibility to ensure we reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Even though we're a service business and unlike manufacturing or processing we don't have a major environmental impact we do use electricity and paper etc.

To begin with, we want to lower our carbon footprint, and therefore our impact on the planet. Once we've achieved this, we plan to start putting back, so not only are we not destroying the environment, we're helping to restore it.

Steps we're taking to lower our carbon output are:

Working from home: Some of our management staff live quite a distance away. Rather than require them to travel to the office every day, we allow them to work from home which saves around 10,000 litres of fuel per year !

Walking to work: Staff members who need to be in the office are encouraged to leave the car at home and walk to work. Not only does this save on fuel, but it helps keep everyone healthy!

Recycling: We run an internal recyling system for paper and tin cans

No glossy brochures: We feel that in this day and age, the glossy brochure is out of date. Not only are they costly, both financially and environmentally, they also become outdated too quickly for a fast paced business.

Email Newsletters: We've now stopped sending paper based newsletters through the post. Not only does it save paper, it saves a lot of carbon emissions during delivery. If you'd like to get our email newsletter from time to time, please sign-up here.

Green computing: Over the last few years we've changed nearly all of our older computers with power hungry CRT monitors to much newer computers with low power LCD screens. In addition we're now using server virtualisation technology that not only gives reliability benefits, but it means we now only have around 6 large servers compared to nearly 20 a few years ago. Combined, these have lowered our power consumption by almost 12kW.