"Deliver fast effective answering"

Our company mantra¹ is simple

Deliver - We strive to exceed your expectations, and consistently deliver the level of service you deserve as a customer.

Fast - Just take a look at our statistics and you can see how much pride we take in answering your calls promptly.

Effective - We like to make sure we're helping your business by being efficient and effective, helping out your callers as much as we can and providing real business value for you. For our business relationship to work we both have to benefit.

Answering - Is just what we do, and that's why we do it well.

In addition, the main principles we adhere to are:

  • We aim to use the latest technology whilst continuing to provide old fashioned customer service.
  • Achieve client satisfaction through excellent quality of service, using the expertise of each individual employee.
  • We will ensure every employee enjoys what they are doing and will realize their potential for growth and development.
  • Every call is important to us.

¹ Why isn't there a mission statement? We decided noone can ever remember them. They're too wordy and full of superlatives.

For more on why a mantra is better than a wordy 'mission statement' have a look a Guy Kawasaki's excellent blog post here. Or for a bit of fun, have a look at the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator