Other Services


Clients may use our fulfilment facilities to dispatch brochures, fliers, application forms and documents from the data collected from inbound calls and also to dispatch products following credit card orders placed with JAM. Facilities to receive 'returns' are available and acted on in accordance with your instructions. Operators can enter data collected from coupons and mail received by us.

Lone Worker Solutions

JAM has a couple of options for companies concerned about the safety of their engineers/overnight lone workers. (more...)

Outbound Campaigns

Inbound Clients may wish to use JAM for a range of outbound services. We will work with you to design and manage your campaign, whether you just need a small team of agents or a high number of operators.

Bespoke Service

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't just offer 'off the shelf' packages. We specialise in developing custom solutions to fit your business. We will work with you to develop something that fits you, rather than something you need to fit around. (more...)

Number Provision

0800, 0845, 0844, 03 or whatever non geographical number it is you require, please contact JAM regarding your requirements. We can provide most types of numbers to compliment your answering service requirements.

Automated Call Handling

Used as a 'bolt on' facility to live call handling or as a stand alone option our investment into interactive voice response (IVR) platforms offer increased flexibility for the routing of calls whilst providing a cost effective method for capturing caller information.

Fax Broadcasting

Our bulk faxing system is perfect for companies who wish to send cost effective targetted advertisements to a large list of companies. (more...)