In House Systems

Throughout the history of JAM, we have invested in hardware, software and systems networks to cope with anything our clients demand of us. Handling the calls for hundreds of companies is a massive responsibility, and therefore we ensure our technology matches our operator quality.

As a 24 hour call centre handling vast amounts of sensitive information, it is of the utmost importance our operators and technology are secure. This is achieved through a variety of measures, including a state of the art CCTV system. JAM can also be counted on to protect your data and network with our firewall protection and secure data systems. We can also offer complete disaster response and call routing options.

Where JAM differs from the competition is our in-house IT team who have developed a sophisticated system. Our software allows us to fine-tune our services exactly to your requirements, whatever your needs, however large or small your business.

Furthermore, JAM Media Response have developed an on-line web portal allowing clients full access to their messages 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. All clients are allocated their own secure login and password which provides access to numerous functions.

Firstly all messages can be viewed online and specific searches or reporting functions can be developed to make your search requirements quick and simple to do. Call volumes can be compared for specific days, weeks or months and graphs and tables can be generated to illustrate this data.

At JAM we aim to sound like an extension of your business rather than an answering service, subsequently many of our clients provide us with details of Frequently Asked Questions to allow the operator to interact freely with the caller and answer some of their queries. These FAQ's can be updated realtime by our clients.

As we pride ourselves on being one of the few UK call centres that operate on a 24 Hour basis, our call out function needs to be quick and easy to use. Consequently all call out clients, from lift engineers to private doctors surgeries, can update and alter their rota's online with the peace of mind that our operators are working from the new rota the moment you hit the save key.

We appreciate that due to contracted service level agreements your client may require a timely response and attendance onsite. Any outbound calls made by our operators to pass a job are logged, allowing you to access a full audit trail from the moment the phone is answered.

It may interest you to know that many of our order taking clients also utilise our website to update their product lists with new products, product codes, prices and stock levels. The successful processing of credit cards can also be checked online to ensure that stock is only sent out once the goods are paid for.

As well as being able to view your messages on MessageView, distribution of messages can be done by fax, email or sms, In addition a couple of other delivery options available include FTP Delivery (where we connect to an FTP server within your own network and upload your message as a CSV file), and SQL Delivery (We connect directly to your SQL server and upload your message into your database).