Recruitment and Training

JAM place great emphasis on recruiting the right operators, providing them with first class training and then ensuring a high level of quality control.

Each JAM employee is carefully chosen using our three decades experience in knowing what to look for in a candidate. Once selected all operators are expected to undertake three weeks training for all clients. Quality is achieved from our Quality Control managers who monitor calls, and where necessary advise on what improvements and adjustments an operator needs to make. All this ensures the very highest quality of call is taken on behalf of our clients.

A testimony to our working environment is the number of employees still at the company who were first employed as far back as the 1980s and early 1990s. At JAM we are committed to providing a first class telephone answering service, and that can only be achieved by keeping our staff turnover to a minimum, which in turn keeps quality at an optimum level.

The family atmosphere first created in the late 70s still holds true today.

It is a policy of JAM to always look first from within when promoting. All of our shift managers and office managers began their working life at JAM as operators. This ensures junior operators know good performance will be rewarded with promotion.