Rewarding Staff

Operator Of The Month

Each month a JAM operator is awarded an 'Operator of the Month Award'. The winner is based on various factors such as a high performance level, a strong improvement in the quality of their calls, or going above and beyond the call of duty.

Each month we also like to invite our clients to nominate any members of staff they believe have displayed that extra level of performance. We appreciate that you may not always have the opportunity to find out an employee's name, but if there is a call that has particularly impressed you, please drop an email to the shiftmanager with a time and date.

Operator Of The Year

At the end of the year the employee who has impressed the most over a twelve month period is declared the Operator of the Year!

Perfect Call Lottery

To compliment out operator of the month, there is the JAM Lottery which encourages operators to record a perfect call in every way every time. Using a number of criteria including the number of rings taken to answer, call greeting. call control, attitude, manners, grammar, knowledge of the Client, voice quality, message taken, how the call was ended, any operator who achieves the "perfect call" will be entered into a lottery.

The more perfect calls taken in a month, the higher the prize fund. More perfect calls = Happier clients!