Business Awards

Since 2007, JAM has entered into a number of meaningful award schemes through various telephone answering service worldwide organisations. Below is a list of our recently won awards.


JAM  (born 1977)

pureJAM  (born 2009)  (born 2008)

Award Winning
Our company and our operators have won multiple awards
Established in 1977
We've been answering calls since 1977, making us the longest established answering service in the UK
Online Account Settings
You have total control of your account via your online control panel
Messaging Options
You can choose to have the call details sent via SMS/Email or your online portal
24 Hour
We operate 24/7/365 and we don't charge you more for calls outside normal hours
UK Based
All your calls will be answered by our UK based operators
Dedicated Number
Divert your calls to the dedicated number we give you. We can also supply a local or 0844 number