Coronavirus Pandemic Policy

In these testing times, we wanted to let you know the team at JAM are doing everything we can to ensure no loss of service. Our first priority is to our existing clients and so all paid marketing was cut in March until there is some sense of normality.

Since the beginning of the year our focus was heavily on recruitment, initially to cope with an expected increase in calls and then as it became apparent something rather serious was happening in anticipation of a possibility of staff becoming unwell.

Throughout March any staff with a quiet home environment have been given permission to work from there. So far there have been thousands of calls directed to operators homes and there has been no noticeable change in our customer service queries. If anything hasn't quite gone right clients have been tremendously understanding as we all have to be with each other at this time.

One of the principles of JAM has always been to promote from within which is why we believe all our staff are passionate about providing the best possible service. It of course also means we can scale our operations up considerably in a matter of seconds with all management staff set up from home to take calls should we become very busy or have a spate of absences.

For those staff who are unable to work at home, we have altered our office structure with those remaining asked to work in a maximum of two or three in different rooms. There is regular cleaning throughout the day, as well overnight and first thing in the morning.

As we answer calls on behalf of private doctors, care homes, health companies, and a number of other industries relying on our services for 24/7 emergency support - we anticipate being allowed to remain open in a complete shutdown scenario with many staff only a few minutes walk away.

Given the unknown territory for all of us, we have been asked by a few clients about handling additional calls. Whether you expect to be busier or if it's uncertain, please do communicate this with us and we will do our best to work with you.

Best Health,

  The JAM team