Established in 1977

The UK's longest running and highest rated answering service.

JAM is an award-winning telephone answering company with an enviable industry standing and an unrivalled reputation for excellence.

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Established in 1977 by Jackie Ann Millman to service the needs of musicians who were losing bookings due to missed calls, JAM has evolved over the years and developed into a comprehensive, technologically advanced business capable of servicing clients on a local, national and global scale.

We operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week and your calls are answered by highly trained, experienced and motivated staff. We do not outsource unsociable hours call handling to lone homeworkers – in fact some call centres outsource their out-of-hours calls to JAM – and we can offer you the same level of service at 3am as we do at 3pm.

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JAM in numbers

46 Years in business

Over 70 million calls handled

The Number one rated answering service

A history of JAM (and Telecommunications)

March 7, 1876: The telephone is invented

29-year-old Alexander Graham Bell receives a patent for his revolutionary invention: the telephone.
Graham Alexander Bell

May 2nd, 1977: The birth of the telephone answering service industry

JAM is born. 101 Years after the invention of the telephone, the world’s first business call answering service is founded by Jackie Ann Millman to service the needs of musicians who were losing bookings due to missed calls.
JAM Virtual PA

1983 – The “mobile phone”

The first handheld phones hit the market. They are ginormous and expensive, call quality is poor and you can’t even play snake yet.
giant early mobile

Late 80’s – Early 90’s – JAM service continues to grow

As the late 80s and early 90s progressed and businesses realised the need for EVERY call to be answered and handled efficiently and professionally, our client list grew to include SMEs, blue-chip corporates and government agencies.

April 30th, 1993 – The world wide web

Computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee unleashes the World Wide Web, transforming human interaction and collaboration forever.
clunky old computer

2022 – The death of the phone?

For the fourteenth consecutive year, experts predict the death of the phone as a communication channel. This was the year that digital channels would take over and millennials worldwide would shun all telephone activities. Despite the death knell for the telephone, JAM sees call volumes rise to record levels as clients continue to outsource call handling. JAM celebrates it’s 70 millionth call.

See why our customers love JAM

Call Handling Client Logo - Haswent
“Great service, provides us with exactly what we need, timely response times on the phone and quick email notifications when required.”

Tim Malik - Haswent

Call Handling Client Logo - Green Commute Initiative
"We've used JAM as an answer service for over 5 years now and they provide a good service. It works well and means no-one can't get through even at peak periods. We often get a "that was quick!" response."

Rob Howes – Green Commute initiative

Call Handling Client Logo - thirtytwo
“I have used a number of telephone answering services over the years and JAM offers a smooth, consistent and proportionally priced service in a combination that is rare in this contented market.”

Joel S – Slash thirty two

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Core Services

Get a dedicated team of specialist PAs to answer your calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Industry-leading telephone answering for every business, fair pricing & no long contracts.

Rapid co-ordination and deployment of your mobile workforce with our 24 hour Telephone Answering Call-Out Service. Emergency response & helpdesk support.

Specialist Services

Complete call centre operation on demand. We answer calls for you, 24/7. Fully scalable and worry-free outsourcing.

Our team can work with almost any online diary to book you confirmed appointments directly on the call. No more missed opportunities.

Fully bespoke service. All the benefits and flexibility of our telephone answering service + call transfers, order taking, Appointment booking & more.

Enhance your business presence without the cost of a physical office. Mail forwarding, meeting rooms and registered addresses at extremely competitive prices.

Customer Services KPI’s

Delivering world class experiences. Metrics every SME should understand.


As the capabilities of AI improve, many businesses are exploring how it might augment human input in customer-facing roles. Here's what you need to know.

Discover the ultimate guide to fostering employee well-being through responsible screen time practices. Uncover the secrets to maintaining a healthy digital balance in the workplace, empowering your team to boost productivity, reduce burnout, and enhance overall happiness.

Delivering world class customer experience. Metrics every SME should understand.

Customer Services KPI’s

Delivering world class experiences. Metrics every SME should understand.