Who are we?
Established in 1977 as a traditional telephone answering service, JAM Media Response has evolved into a bespoke 24-hour communication centre.
Why Jam?
As the longest established service in the UK, we are ideally suited to handle your requirements and provide a first class service.
What will Jam do for me?
Answer the phone quickly and efficiently, and provide you with outstanding customer service
Will I receive my own dedicated telephone number?
Yes. We'll give you an 020 London number to divert your lines to, or if you wish we can supply local or non geographic numbers (0844 etc)
Is JAM really open all
the time?
JAM is a genuine 24/7 operation. We will answer your calls inhouse, 365 days a year and never outsource them.
How do I divert my phone to you?
Diverting your calls to JAM is a simple task. All you need to decide is whether you want to divert all calls, calls if your line is engaged, calls after a certain number of rings, or a combination of the latter two options. We can provide divert guidelines for customers using a BT service, otherwise please contact your phone provider who will be able to help.
What customer service will you provide?
Every JAM client has 24/7 access to a shiftmanager
How will the operator know what to do with the call?
When a call comes in on your number, a screen pops up in front of the operator who is then guided by your requirements. Any changes can even be made
How quickly can I get set up?
We are normally able to set up clients fairly quickly, however we do encourage new clients to place test calls until they are satisfied the line is ready to go live.